Stephen Miguel Decker  •  @smd_sys  

Website for NON Worldwide Trilogy Compilation  March 2018

Maria Chavez's Reunions at H0L0 with Gooddroid and Kevin Beasley  February 25 2018

NODE broadcast w/ False Witness on NTS Radio  February 14 2018

NODE broadcast w/ Naang Tani on NTS Radio  December 21 2017

Various Artists  November 2017

Bizaarbazaar at H0L0 w/ Adrian Rew  October 2017

NODE broadcast w/ Wartone on NTS Radio  June 07 2017

DJ set - Still Making Art International Music Services IV at the OCCII Amsterdam  June 3 2017

Red Light Radio with Wartone  June 2 2017

The Lot Radio with Bergsonist  May 4 2017

Website and publication design for Bizaarbazaar release #01  May 2017

NODE broadcast w/ Bergsonist on NTS Radio  April 13 2017

NODE broadcast w/ Faithful on NTS Radio  February 16 2017

NON Worldwide v2.0  February 2017

Resonant Encounters class at The New School  Spring 2017

NODE broadcast w/ on NTS Radio  December 22 2016

NODE broadcast w/ Kepla on NTS Radio  November 24 2016

DJ set at Printed Matter for Precog Issue 2 launch  September 23 2016

Teaching a course on sound at The New School  Fall 2016

Radio installation and performance w/ David Whelan for Dementia Machine at Lighthouse Works  August 27 2016  

DJ set at Trans-Pecos  August 19 2016

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio  August 04 2016  

NODE broadcast w/ ACAPELLA on NTS Radio  July 07 2016  

Artist in residence at Ace Hotel NYC x Filipino American Museum  June 2016

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio  June 09 2016  

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio  May 11 2016  

Performance at The Loisaida Center for Florencia Escudero's Guliver X  May 07 2016  

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio - Radiophonic Special  March 17 2016  

Built a website for NON Worldwide  2016  

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio  February 18 2016  

Teaching a course on experimental publishing w/ Inva Cota at the Parsons School of Design  Spring 2016

NODE broadcast on NTS Radio  January 21 2016  

New show on NTS Radio  2016  

Archive of SYS Radio show at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop  2015  

Reading Rizal at the Bowery Poetry Club  October 19 2015  

DJ set at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop w/ DJ Haram, SCRAAATCH, Kevin Beasley and SSPS  September 19 2015  

Platforms at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop co-organized by ALLGOLD & Maria Chavez + poster design  Aug/Sept 2015  

Performance for Generations Unlimited Night at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop    August/September 2015

DJ set for NTS party at Know-Wave    June 27 2015

SYS Radio for NTS at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop   June 24 2015

Website/sound installation/performance for Substrate Systems w/ LACTIC at Julius Caeser Chicago  May 2015  

Audio composition He Who Would Mould Public Sentiment w/ writing by Pete Moran   April 2015  

DJ set at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop for ALLGOLD NYE  2015

ALLGOLD presents Underground: an indefinite community? Sunday Session at MoMA PS1  December 2014

Yearlong residency at the MoMA PS1 Print Shop as part of artist collective ALLGOLD  September 2014

Exposure Mix for LACTIC   2014

Installation and performance Interludes and Remnants w/ Jennyfer Haddad at GordilloScudder  2013  

Performance Salvaging the Aether at Filipino American Museum innaguration  2013  

Presentation for Listening Room w/ Kevin Beasley, Marina Rosenfeld & Venus X at the Studio Museum Harlem  2012  

Yale Sculpture MFA catalogue  2012